SSN: Ally Stein Coach Feature

Paige Cope

Coach Ally Stein and the Journey Towards Winning State 

Ally Stein Leading the HSE Competitive Cheer Team to Victory at State 

Coach Ally Stein has the feeling of pure joy every time she walks into her job coaching cheer at HSE whether it be for her Varsity job for Football/Competitive or her JV position for Basketball Cheer. Stein cheered at HSE and won State all four years that she was a student athlete. Stein is also located on the Hall of Fame for cheerleading.  

Stein is a Varsity Coach for the Football Competition Cheer team and the JV and Freshman Cheer coach for the Basketball program. Stein works hard to improve her girls and keep them in shape and continue to grow each practice or game. Cheer is a huge priority to Stein but also being there as more than a coach is even more important to her.  

“I know kids being in high school you guys go through things anyway, so I also want to make sure that I am supportive of them mentally and emotionally.” Stein said. “A lot of times I know that the girls will feel comfortable coming to me so that makes me proud of them recognizing they need help or someone to talk to about those things.”  

Stein and her coworkers work together more than you may understand. Stein and fellow coach Amy Blair work together constantly and are always working towards improving everything whether it be in their routine or just overall skill of their girls.  

“Preparation for state begins at the very beginning of the season.” Blair said. “We practice all summer, attend 4 days of incredibly demanding camp and attend competitions throughout the fall. We practice every day after school or before, and even spend our game cheering time practicing our pyramids and stunt sequences. Everything we do is in preparation for this one moment.”  

Blair is the junior varsity coach for the football cheer program but she is always on the side of Stein to help improve their performance as well.  

“Ally and I work together more than your average coaches.” Blair said. “Ally and I are both head coaches of different cheer programs at HSE and are each an assistant coaches of the others’ program.” 

Stein always works and puts in her best effort to make sure that the girls are constantly on their best game and are always prepared for the hardest of challenges. No matter her mood, she always has a bright outlook on what is to come in the months of preparation for this huge moment and oppourtunity.