COVID-19 and HSE Athletics: Kate Penrod

Paige Cope

Kate Penrod and What Softball Means to her

Sophomore Kate Penrod describes what softball means to her and what she loves about the sport.

As Kate Penrod takes a swing and hits the ball. She is doing what she loves most, something that makes her happier than anything, playing softball. Penrod shows a big smile and inevitable strength while playing the game. Playing the game gives Penrod a distraction, she gives her all into the game.

Penrod is a current sophomore that attends HSE. Penrod has played the game of softball since she was 4 and started travel softball at age 8 and has played year rounds softball every year since. The kids around the country have started a movement titled #letthekidsplay. This movement has given the kids who their sports canceled during the spring due to recent events a chance to have their own voice and raise awareness about how much their sport means to them and how hard it is not being able to do what they love most.

“The hardest thing about not being able to play is not being able to improve my game because softball is what I love most and I love the environment, and everyone I play with and the coaching staff.” Penrod said. “Softball is my getaway and helps me take my mind off of everything if I’m angry or upset, I will go hit in my garage, softball isn’t just a game to me, it is my life.”

Penrod has grown a huge connection with the sport more over the years of her playing, whether it be for the school or just her travel team, she takes pride in her playing and takes pride in what she does. She is always constantly working to improve.

“It is also extremely hard not being able to play because I can’t get better at the sport that I love.” Penrod said.

No matter the time or day, Penrod always looks to softball. The sport means so much to her and has since she was a little girl. No one can ever take away the great love she has for the sport and the friends and coaches that have pushed her along the way to be the best version of herself she can be while out on that field.