COVID-19 and HSE Athletics: Lucy Hahn

How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Affecting HSE Athletes

Lucy Hahn, 10

Softball Player




Q: How do you feel now that your softball season has been canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: “It’s really upsetting knowing that a lot of players, myself included put in so much time and effort in the off-season to prepare for this spring and knowing that we won’t get to showcase all of the progress we made is pretty sad especially since we are only in high school for four years and because of COVID-19 one of our years being able to play is taken away.”


Q: How has this pandemic affected your preparation for the now-canceled season?

A: “It makes all the work put in seem pointless because we can’t even go out and practice on our own due to the quarantine so it’s like all the work and effort we put in is being wasted.”


Q: Do you still find time to practice hitting/fielding or work out consistently?

A: “The facility I usually work out/hit at has closed due to the circumstances so I’ve had to improvise and lift weights in my basement and hit in my garage which isn’t ideal but it’s better than nothing.”