Meet HSE Cheerleader Grace Smith

Paige Cope


Q: When Did You Start Cheerleading and Why?

A: I started cheer this year as a Freshman. I started because I wanted to try something new and it was a much easier transition coming into high school already being on a team and having friends.

Q: What Life Lesson Has Cheerleading Taught You?

A: Being on the cheer teams it has taught me the importance of school pride and being a team player. Both lessons I will not just carry through high school, I will carry them for the rest of my life.

Q: What Has Been Your Favorite Memory of Cheerleading?

A: My Favorite memories are when the score is so close, and the clock is running out and everyone is just screaming and cheering so hard and there is so much energy. You can feel the rush and the excitement out there.