Meet Volleyball Player Emi Robinson:

Paige Cope

Q: When Did You Start Playing Volleyball and Why?

A: I started playing volleyball in 3rd grade. Before being signed up I had learned that my mom had played before me so I was begging and begging her to sign me up for a league so I could follow in her footsteps.

Q: What Have You Learned Most from the Game of Volleyball?

A: Throughout playing volleyball, I have learned that there is more to life than just yourself. That it is a good thing to be there for others, no matter what you are going through yourself. I have learned how to be a teammate and how to look out for others besides myself.

Q: What Has Been Your Favorite Memory of Volleyball and Why?

A: My favorite memory has to be when I won the Nationals with my club team. This has to be my favorite memory because winning that was incomparable to any other emotion, I have felt out there playing on that court. All our hard work had paid off and it was all worth it in the end.