Fashion Forward: A Spotlight on Brianna Stewart

Lauren Riina

With the time off from school, students are entertaining themselves in many ways, varying from much-needed relaxation time to taking on a new hobby. Consequently, sophomore Brianna Stewart saw this as the perfect opportunity to start her own clothing business. 

Stewart went public with her store, Delicately Dainty Boutique, on April 26 when she advertised the new website and Instagram page. The online store showcased many trendy and unique clothing pieces and accessories. 

I am hoping to sell clothes, not just one style, but all different types,” Stewart said. “They are mostly very dainty, chic, and simple [pieces] that can be paired with a lot of different outfits. 

When Stewart began sewing at a young age, beginning her own store at 16 was not her original intention. It was not until she received positive feedback from her friends and parents that she believed she could do more with her fashion pieces. 

My mom taught me how to sew and make clothes and she encouraged me to start selling them to my friends,” Stewart said. “I did and it took off, so I wanted to be able to sell my clothes to more people and make my mark on the world.” 

Stewart became inspired to sell her clothes, but at such a young age she needed more than just passion. Without support from her parents, she would not have felt prepared to handle her own clothing line. 

“One of the main reasons I wanted to start my own business is because of my parents,” Stewart said. “My parents both have such a big drive to do the things they love, and they are so determined.” 

As most 16-year-olds do not start their own businessessome would think Stewart was taking on a big responsibility. Stewart would not only need to know how to make fashionable clothes, but she also needed to take care of the business aspects as well.  

My dad owns his own company and he has helped me a lot through this process,” Stewart said. “Not only by helping me get the permits I needed but helping me discover that I wanted to start my own business in the first place. 

Stewart wanted more than to just own a store or be a businesswoman, she wanted to be an entrepreneur who could inspire people with her designs. 

“I am hoping that I can help people become confident in themselves and love their style and uniqueness,” Stewart said. “I want people to know my brand as something that helps build them up instead of just a store.” 

From a young girl’s dream to an upandcoming brand, the scope of Stewart’s fashion continues to grow. Quarantine may have given Stewart extra time, but her tenacity is what pushed her into opening the doors. Without her love for fashionDelicately Dainty Boutique could not have become the online store it is today.