SSN: Brianna Wright Athlete Feature

Jamie Whitesell

The Future is Bright

The climb to an unforgettable senior season


On March 12, 2020, Hamilton Southeastern Schools announced that March 13 would be our last day of school until after spring break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After a few weeks, people were still falling ill in the state of Indiana, which led to schools being closed for the rest of the year and the cancellation of high school sports seasons.

For most, this left a question of what could have been if the season had continued. Instead of looking behind, senior Brianna Wright chose to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nearly every day since quarantine, Wright has been going on runs and bike rides with her family to help keep her body in shape.

“I go on 15+ mile bike rides any time it is nice outside and then run 2 to 3 times a week,” Wright said. “I am transitioning into cross country training to build base volume, which I believe will be beneficial to me.”

Training this hard for days on end would be tiring to most. However, Wright has taken these steps because she is aiming for higher goals in her cross country and track seasons.

“For cross country, my goal is to break into the 20:00 mark for our 5k run,” Wright said. “I have been dealing with iron deficiency and sickness the last two seasons.”

Many athletes have had to battle through sicknesses, but it has not typically plagued them over the course of two seasons. Fortunately for Wright, she has earned the chance to prove herself once more in the spring through track. This upcoming year, Wright is trying to improve her time as well as keeping things light.

“For the upcoming track season, I am just looking to have fun,” Wright said. “[Additionally,] I would like to run 2:23 or better in the 800-meter run, but I would also enjoy running in the 1600 meter and 400-meter runs.”

In preparation for her senior seasons in both track and cross country, Wright has begun to reflect on what attracted her to running in these sports at the high school level.

“I find the team to be incredibly supportive, from all the girls and guys cheering each other on in meets and time trials,” Wright said. “Cross country spends around 5 months together, so we have a lot of time to bond with each other.”

Most cross-country runners do not quit running after their season is over. Nearly every one of them continues to train in the off-season or find themselves running in track meets.

“We spend nearly 3 months [bonding with each other] during the track season,” Wright said. “[With that being said,] I love the energy of track meets because everything is fast paced and there is more of a competition aspect to it.”

Even though her junior track season ended earlier than she had hoped, Wright is looking forward for her last year running in a Royals uniform.

“I am looking forward to being a senior in both cross country and track,” Wright said. “[Seniors] are the ones who create the camaraderie and spirit.”

For now, Wright will continue to push herself to be better over the summer so she can experience the senior year she will not forget.