SSN: Tanner Kutoloski Interview

Jamie Whitesell

Q and A with a senior runner

Tanner Kutoloski reflects on past seasons and discusses his future


  • Has the cancellation of the track season impacted your conditioning and if so, how?

“After track was cancelled, I was able to keep running for a while. But, motivating myself to run alone became very hard, causing me to take a short break from running. Now that restrictions are opening up though, I have been able to run with friends every few days.”


  • What are you doing to stay in shape during quarantine?

“After I took a short break from running, I started lifting weights in order to get stronger. Recently, I have been running with friends every few days and continuing to lift every other day.”


  • What are your goals for XC and track for your senior year?

“My goal for XC senior year is to break 18 minutes on my 5k and make the sectional entry list. Junior year I was 12 seconds off the time and only a few spots off the list so those would be my main goals. For track I would like to earn a varsity letter by running under 4:52 in the 1600.”


4) What have been your favorite parts about running XC and track?

“My favorite parts about running XC and track are all of the friends I have made. Going into high school, I knew most of the freshman runners, but I was only friends with a few of them. Through the years though, they became some of my best friends and I can always count on them.”