SSN Athlete Feature: Giovanni Ragland

Tristan Fluhr

Photo by: Heidi Schlabach

The Cinematic Corner

Senior Football Player has Successful YouTube Channel

The lights of the stadium are shining on the field. It’s a crucial play in the game, time to make a big play. The cornerback gets set at the line of the scrimmage and looks at the wide receiver he has to defend, as the quarterback fires a rifle of a pass right in the direction of the receiver, the corner explodes out of his break and jumps in front of the receiver, intercepting the pass and falling out of bounds, putting the Royals back on offense. He knows that he has a new highlight for his YouTube channel. Senior Giovanni Ragland is the starting cornerback for the Hamilton Southeastern football team and is the owner of a YouTube channel that has over a thousand subscribers.

“I started YouTube because a lot of my friends were doing it,” Ragland said. “I am a social guy who is a good editor. People asked me to make them videos and when they were successful, I kept with it.”

Being a leader and mentor to younger players on the football team, Ragland’s channel has gained the support of his teammates and coaches. They often promote his content on their personal social media accounts to share his personality with as many people as possible.

“Gio is so successful on YouTube because of how quality of a person he is,” Junior teammate Martice Taylor said. “Everyone loves him and wants to support him in all he does.”

Ragland uses his YouTube channel as a creative outlet. It is a voice for him to show the world what he wants to show. The channel is a place for him to make others’ days brighter and to have fun doing it.


Photo by: Heidi Schlabach

“Making videos helps relieve a lot of stress,” Ragland said. “I get to make people laugh and to entertain people, two things that I love to do. It is an escape from life… getting to make videos that people enjoy.”

Ragland is not just successful on the internet, his play on the football field has led him into being a starting cornerback for the Royals football team. Ragland is well-liked and respected among his teammates.

“His best attribute to me is his competitiveness,” Senior teammate Larry Jones said. “When Gio plays someone better than him, the next time they line up, Gio will improve and not get down on himself.”

Ragland’s love for the Royals is easy to see wherever he goes. His work ethic has carried him far and he will continue to try to be the best player on the field every time he puts on the helmet.

“My team and teammates are the biggest reasons why I play football,” Ragland said. “As a teammate, I am the hype man on the field. If someone makes a mistake, I make sure to pick them up and tell them to get right back to it.”

As Ragland enters his final year as a Royal, he looks to not just continue the level of play that has become a trademark. Ragland plans on continuing to entertain and bring people joy through his YouTube channel. Story by: Tristan Fluhr


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