HSE Sophomore Shares Why Black Lives Matter

Biracial sophomore makes a video entitled “Love Is All We Need” about the recent movement

Trinity Mackenzie

To say the least, this year has been hectic, ranging from a worldwide pandemic, an election, and a racially fueled civil rights movement. Nearly every week, news outlets report something different about the Black Lives Matter movement. However, one student in particular made light of the movement by spreading awareness.

Sophomore Halle Guiden attended the Fishers Equity Awareness Demonstration in June. After the demonstration she made a video about her experience as a biracial teen, but more importantly how love is all we need. Guiden was later interviewed by Channel 13 about the video she made.

“My motivation to make the video was to spread the positives because I feel there is so many negatives in social media and in the world that’s why I recorded things and made the video,” Guiden said “There wasn’t just black people there [at the Equity Awareness Demonstration] all races from white, black, Asian, and Hispanic, every race was there”.

Social media isn’t all bad when it comes to the movement, multiple accounts have surfaced, including an anonymous source of stories about people of color in the school district. Among accounts like these multiple other students like Guiden make it a point to spread positivity about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Events and accounts like these are an example of what people across the country are doing to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Guiden wants her video to show that black lives are the ones being mistreated, and they always have been. That statement shows no disrespect to any other race who has suffered, but right now the focus should be on black lives because they’re the ones with hardships.

“We’re all human,” Guiden said “No one should be treated a certain way based off their skin tone.” At the end of the video, there is a list of ways to contribute and understand the movement such as, articles, movies, places to donate, and ways to support the community. Guiden highly recommends donating and contributing in some way to show support.

Guiden wants this message to be spread to every Royal, no matter what race, everyone should be able to agree that Black Lives Matter.

“I don’t think they [students] know about it [current events regarding racism], but I know parents get emails that students should be more aware about,” Guiden said “They need to talk about it more to the students, instead of just addressing it to parents.”

Entering a new school year as a sophomore, Guiden can share her video with joy as she was able to make a local contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement. Guiden hopes to continue sharing ways to support the movement in every way she can. Story by: Trinity Mackenzie


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