SSN Athlete Feature: Emily Vandall

Eric Bedrosian

Contributed By Anne Vandall

Emily Vandall is a Freshman girls golf player who has used the COVID-19 crisis to improve her game and playstyle.

Over the years, Vandall has moved from place to place, which led her to HSE. After middle school, she wanted to get involved in something rewarding, fun, and exciting. She thought that golf would be the best sport to try when coming to HSE High School.

Moving from middle school to high school is intimidating by itself, but throw in trying a new sport and then see the difficulty level shoot up. Emily began playing golf because her dad has been playing it his whole life. A bonding experience could easily be made from the game, and that is part of why Emily started playing,

“I got into golf through my dad. He’s played his whole life and he used to take me to the driving range when I was younger, so I decided to take it up and be serious about it”

Golf is a game that requires skill and the right mental mindset. A player also needs a support system, and she has a strong one. Vandall’s teammates and coaches help make the experience fun and keep her in the right mindset that she needs to be in,

“The motivation from my teammates definitely keeps me going. Without them, it wouldn’t be as fun… They cheer us on, they are very encouraging and welcoming, we joke a lot (we have a lot of inside jokes), and yeah it’s just super fun playing with them.”

Another family member that has supported Vandall throughout her short time in golf is Barb, who is Vandall’s grandma. She has seen a lot of improvement from Vandall, and she is excited to see what she does next,

“Since beginning playing golf just one year ago Emily has blossomed with confidence, focus, and the importance of being a team participant. She has gained the importance of how applying yourself brings personal performance and pride, not only in golf, but all areas of her daily activities.”

Vandall has continued to improve and practice throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and it shows. Not only has she made the golf team as a freshman, but she works hard during school to keep up her academic studies. Outside of tournaments, she can be found hanging out with her friends and, of course, practicing her swing at the driving range.

Contributed By Anne Vandall

Story by Eric Bedrosian