SSN: Jozef Osiecki Feature

Evan Miller

Kansas-born punter has traveled around the country before landing in Indiana

Photo contributed by Jozef Osiecki.

As Jozef Osiecki surveys the coverage with the sun in his eyes and his cleats in the dew-filled grass, he receives the brown pigskin from his long snapper and boots the ball down the field. Osiecki has lived in many different places in the country, but his second move to Indiana, this time from California instead of Kansas, is what turned him into a special team’s maestro.

“I had previously lived in Indiana from kindergarten to third grade, but then I moved to California,” senior Osiecki said. “After five years in California, I moved back to Indiana to start the eighth grade. I believe that without the move I would have never become a kicker or a punter.”

That eighth-grade year is when Osiecki decided to get into kicking, but he began to take it seriously his freshman year at Fishers High School.

“I think we had tryouts for kickers, and I was good at kicking so why not try it,” Osiecki said. “I didn’t start punting until the beginning of my sophomore year, and it is now what I am best at.”

Photo contributed by Jozef Osiecki.

Newly hired head football coach Michael Kelly likes his punter’s off the field contributions just as much as his on-field contributions.

“He loves to kick,” coach Kelly said. “He works extremely hard at it. He likes to be funny. He is a great young man that will do some great things at the next level.”

The five-star punter has had a journey around the country, but it seems like he has a journey through the football world still ahead of him.