SSN Coach Profile: Kristin Lantz, athletic trainer

Nathan Goergen

Kristin Lantz has been an athletic trainer for HSE since 2019.

Lantz believes the purpose of high school athletics, besides the health effects, is that student athletes learn traits like sportsmanship and teamwork, and learning how to manage your temprament when things might not necessarily go your way, which are things that will last a lifetime.

In her words, being a Royal means that many people with different roles, coaches, athletes, trainers, parents, and others, come together for one common goal of raising good kids and helping them become good and well rounded adults.

Lantz’s advice for high school athletes playing this year is to be patient, expect change, and know it’s a normal thing in life that we all will go through. She also highly suggests staying safe and wearing a mask so we can continue our athletic seasons throughout the school year.

Lantz is a Colgate University graduate (1994), where she double majored in Chemistry and African American Studies. She is a part of the National Athletic Trainers Association. She has two sons, Evan, who is a freshman at the University of Indianapolis who played football for HSE, and Eli, who is a sophomore and currently playing football for HSE and baseball for Indiana Elite.