SSN: Andrew Orme Varsity Tennis


Davis Gerig

Its 4:30 on a Tuesday morning. The neighborhood is sleeping, but there is one person that is awake and ready to head out to the gym. 

 That one person is senior Andrew Orme. Orme plays 2 singles on the varsity tennis team. Orme is determined to get stronger.  

Freshman year Orme was cut from the freshman basketball team. 

 That didn’t stop him. Orme found the sport he loved. That sport was Tennis. After his sophomore tennis season Orme wanted to get stronger and faster, so he could have more strength on his forehand and backhand. Orme got a YMCA membership, and started going most days. When asked about why he wanted to go to the gym every day, Andrew said “I just wanted to prove the haters wrong. 

 He decided to work harder and harder every day. Orme’s junior year was the year that set him apart. He came from being one of the smaller kids in his grade freshman and sophomore year, to one of the stronger kids out on the court. Andrew continues to develop and has so much determination. 

Abby Orme Andrews younger sister said,  “Andrew is probably one of the hardest workers I have seen, he wakes up early every day to go to the gym and lift”. Andrew usually goes to the gym twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. When asked about the tennis season this year, he said “it didn’t go as well as we planned, but I still had an amazing senior year with some of my best friends”. 

 The Royals fell to North Central in regionals, and they wish they had gotten all the way to state, but as Andrew said you can’t win them all. Andrew will try to still progress as an athlete and get stronger and faster. Andrew found his sport. But ultimately found what he loves just as much and that’s fitness.