Southeastern Sports Network Details for Winter Sports Broadcasts, Streams

David Young

Southeastern Sports Network, the sports broadcasting division of the Hamilton Southeastern Student Media program HSE News, is proud to announce that live streams and live broadcasts will be available for all Royals home varsity meets and games throughout the entirety of the winter sports season. In this trying time of a global pandemic, our mission to promote HSE student-athletes and teams, as well as to further the cause of all of HSE Athletics as a whole, has only grown.

Marking new territory for SSN, about half of the home varsity winter sporting events will be presented in a Live Broadcast format, the same as the community has come to expect from SSN over the past three years, with the other half of the events being presented in a format of a Live Stream, a format new to SSN. This content expansion provides our Student Media students with even more opportunities to learn and expand their skill in the field of sports broadcasting and journalism.

Live Broadcasts will continue to have differing camera shots and angles, color and play-by-play commentating, on-screen graphics, and live on-screen scoreboard updates. Live Broadcasts will remain pay-per-view at $8 for winter sports, with revenue generated benefitting the HSE Athletic Department to assist with supplementing ticket sale losses incurred this school year.

Live Streams will all be free-per-view, with viewers having a birds-eye view of the gym or natatorium. Live Streams will not have differing camera shots, color or play-by-play commentating, on-screen graphics, or live on-screen scoreboard updates.

Both Live Broadcasts and Live Streams are available directly at SSN is a part of the IHSAA Champions Network and can also be found on and the IHSAAtv digital streaming app available on most digital video platforms, such as AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, and Roku.

The SSN Sports Update newscasts will begin production again this week and will have new episodes released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all of which are available on Instagram’s IGTV @southeasternsn_ and on The SSN Instagram and Twitter Social Media feeds will continue and be expanding their winter sports coverage. As a result of our expanded effort to provide viewers with a live-at-home viewing experience, the Southeastern Sports Insider podcast series is being paused until the conclusion of winter sports.

We look forward to providing our viewers with the best coverage of HSE Athletics and allowing this expanded coverage and opportunity to show the hard work and dedication of our student-athletes.