Newfield’s Winterlights Exhibit Review

Gabriella Haynes

Newfields, off the corner of 38th and Michigan, offers many holiday-related events that most families turn into a tradition. The events take place at different times of the day and night. Tickets are hard to get and you must go on the website months before to claim the time you want.  

At Newfields, there is a long walkway that leads you to different activities and attractions. In the garage of the Lily House, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum sets up cars for the visitors to see. They offer a wide selection of food and drinks for kids and adults. The Girl Scouts set up a make-your-own s’mores station where families were crowded around warm campfires. Particularly, I know my parents were happy to see they offered spiked cider and hot cocoa. During the day, their greenhouse is open where you can see many exotic succulents and plants. 

Gabriella Haynes

My family and I previously went during the fall with visiting family from out of town. They had tents set up with different farms selling their crops and fresh vegetables. 

I know many friends who plan a day based on their visit to Newfields with their family and go out to dinner after. When I told my friend about my mom’s plan to take us there for a family night, she did not have the best attitude. She said that it was boring and there was nothing to do. Since I had gone during the fall, I put it into the back of my head and assured her that she was wrong. 

This place is mostly centered around activities to keep little kids entertained and is a highlight for most teens’ Instagram feeds. Other than taking photos under nicely lit trees and Christmas lights, the Winterlights did not have much to offer. Due to COVID-19, people had to spread out and the lines were long. The Lily House is now closed at night so everyone was forced to stay outside in the cold weather. We were too impatient to wait in line for food, so we kept walking to see what else there was only to find out that they had shortened the path.  

On the bright side, they had some unique ideas. There was a brightly colored tree decorated with sleds, baby pools, and Christmas toys. Along the path, there were little booths with a fire that you could stand by and warm your hands. On the front lawn of the Lily House, Christmas lights were coordinated with well-known classical music.  

Other than seeing beautifully decorated Christmas lights, my family was disappointed in what the Museum had to offer. We ended up being there for only half an hour. This may not be the best idea for a day-long experience but would be great for a quick date night or Instagram opportunity.