Opinion- Habits to Try Out For Your Lifestyle

Lucas Bisesi


This list is 100% my personal opinion and these habits, by no means, are lifestyle choices that work for every person, but they have definitely benefitted my life, along with the lives of many others. So even if these activities may not fit your particular lifestyle, I still recommend at least trying these habits out and then evaluating their place in your life 

1. Exercise

The first, and one of the most important, habits that can be introduced into your life is a consistent schedule of physical activity. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average person should aim for around two and a half hours of exercise per week. Not only does exercise contribute to overall bodily health, it can also benefit the way your brain works. The simple act of breaking a sweat can release feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Additionally, the act choosing to exercise can give a person a sense of accomplishment.  

2. Meditation 

The practice of meditation can be essential in maintaining mental clarity during the course of a day. Meditation can come in many forms, however, and not just the traditional way. The only requirement for true meditation is taking a moment to clear your mind, which can take place pretty much anywhere. One of the best times to meditate, I’ve found, is at my desk during passing periods. Meditating can help in achieving mental clarity, along with a heightened sense of awareness. 

3. Reading 

With the heavily technology-based life most students live nowadays, finding an engaging book to spend time reading can be a necessary break from screens. Additionally, many books contain information that can’t be easily expressed by any other medium, such as video or a classroom. Also, the simple act of reading a book every day is a great way to calm down and relax after a long day of school or work.  


Extra Habits-

These small tasks are a little less difficult than the three previously mentioned, but can still make a great difference in your life.

  • Contacting your friends and loved ones

With these difficult times, it becomes extremely important to ensure that everyone in your life feels loved, heard and needed. So, shoot them a quick text, ask them about their day or strike up a conversation. In this case, a little can go a long way towards making sure that the people you love are okay.

  • Trying something new

While being stuck at home and around the same place most of the time, the need for variety in life seems to present itself. This can go in many different ways, but the main principle of this is to do something completely out of character for yourself.  Within reason, this can be an adventurous and sometimes freeing experience. So, take some time to do something you wouldn’t normally do. For example, you can: Drive around on some roads you’ve never been on before, make some food you’ve never tried or listen to a song you’ve never heard. The possibilities are endless with this.