City of Fishers Virtually Celebrates MLK Day


Ellie Johnson

Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been a day of honor for one of the most prominent civil rights leaders in history since 1986, three years after President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law. King’s words and actions have served as a call to action to many over the years. Especially this year, with all of the recent events in our country that have increased racial tension, this day, and the acknowledgment of it’s meaning, was crucial.

The City of Fishers, even through the trials of COVID-19, made great efforts this past holiday weekend to provide virtual activities for it’s residents to celebrate the work and great mind of MLK. Even in our city, there is still much to learn and improve upon regarding race relations. These virtual activities helped to involve all members of the community in events that would help to not only strengthen the minds of individuals, but strengthen our community as a whole.

One activity that the city organized was an “I Have a Dream” driving tour around the Fishers area that residents could participate in. Yard signs were distributed throughout the community to be decorated and put on display in members’ yards. After putting these on display, residents then submitted their address to an online form on the Fishers website so that their address could be added to the driving tour and become a stop on the way. These addresses were then organized into a map so that those who wished to participate could take their car out for a drive to witness how community members were sharing their dreams.

To go along with this driving tour, the city created a playlist that could be played along the tour route. The playlist included music related to the life of Mr. King, as well as famous speeches from Dr. King himself. This playlist can still be found on Spotify and is titled MLK Memorial Playlist.

Although Dr. King’s holiday has passed, the City of Fishers encourages its residents to carry out his dreams and strive towards action year round. Not only has Dr. King’s legacy been carried on into the 21st century, but many of the types of issues that he fought against are still very prevalent in society today. Because of this, it is our duty to remain dedicated to the continuation of King’s work, through making a difference in our own cities.