SSN: Paige Cope Q&A

Delaney Crace

Picture courtesy of Paige Cope

Q1: What was it like cheering with the new COVID restrictions, especially indoors because of it being winter as opposed to cheering for an outdoor sport?

A1: The most different thing for me is not having a crowd full of students or having those big games where everyone including staff and students would come to cheer on their Royals. I personally love cheering in front of a crowd so to have that not there is a really weird experience for me. Obviously, parents are there but it’s just not the same.

Q2: What has been the most fun part of this basketball cheer season or something most memorable?

A2: Something most memorable from basketball cheer is making varsity my sophomore year and then cheering the Mudsock game. I always remember how much that game means to the schools and how fun it is to experience that in that way so being a part of that was insanely fun for not only me but my entire team.

Q3: What’s a game you had lots of fun cheering at this winter?

A3: I haven’t gotten to cheer a lot this year due to COVID protocols so we haven’t been allowed to travel to away games, but so far my favorite game to cheer at was the Boy’s Basketball Lawrence Central vs. HSE game. This was my favorite so far this winter because it was a close game the entire time and getting the crowd and bench players involved in defense cheers is so cool.

Q4: Is there anything you think you or the team would’ve done differently if it weren’t for COVID-19?

A4: If it weren’t for COVID-19, my team would continue to travel to away games and continue the tradition of going out to eat as a team before the games. This may sound boring to other people, but that was something I always looked forward to for away games and then blasting our music on the way to and from the school.

All questions by Delaney Crace, Junior

All quotes by Paige Cope, Junior