HSE Business Department

Nolan Houseman

The HSE Business department has an extensive amount of classes offered with several opportunities for a students future. Ranging from finance academy to Fan Stand. Muntu Munaf, a senior who has taken an extensive amount of business classes here at HSE said, “I’ve learned a lot of things i will take into my adult life, and use the techniques they’ve taught us in those business classes to take care of my money.” Muntu is apart of the Finance academy and DECA here at HSE. He says DECA has allowed him to take many of the things learned from the business classes and directly apply them to the skills needed to perform at a high level in DECA. These skills include marketing, business management, finance, and hospitality.

Muntu also talks about his experience in Finance academy. He says the class is tight-nit since there are not many people in the academy, considering you have to be accepted into the program. Once accepted into finance academy the opportunities of the program are endless. Giving the students a 180 internship, a mentor, and many other chances to experience the real world in a focus of business. These paid internships give the students a chance to experience a work environment and what it looks like to work in business. The mentor also helps to guide the student and help them find what they are interested in and how they can apply that in the real world.

As you are searching for classes to take for the upcoming year, take time to look at the business department. Take advantage of the countless number of courses they have to offer, and how they can help prepare you for your future.