Q&A: Senior Chelsea Allanigue Discusses Asian Student Union

Joshua Matasovsky

Chelsea Allanigue is currently a senior at Hamilton Southeastern High School, having also helped found Asian Student Union, a club that looks to explore and learn the diversity of Asian cultures. Chelsea Allanigue discussed with me how the club started, some of the goals they wish to accomplish, and one of their upcoming events that anyone can be a part of.

Q1: What inspired you to start Asian Student Union?

A1: Ever since I was a freshman, I’ve always wanted to join a club where I could fully embrace my culture and meet others who I could relate to. I guess you could say, I wanted to have that sense of community. During my junior year, I had a conversation with my fellow Asian friends about how they too have wondered why there isn’t a club yet. Then, we decided to brainstorm ideas and find a sponsor!

Q2: Who did you choose as your sponsor?

A2: Daniel Ax. He has worked in different Asian countries and has learned a lot about the culture through his journeys.

Q3: What is the main goal of Asian Student Union?

A3: ASU is a place of connections, where we could create better understanding between students, share different cultures within the Asian/Asian American community, and provide a sense of community to Asian and Asian American students.

Q4: As such a young club, how have you adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

A4: As a young club, we truly value connection and communication with our club members. We have a club group chat and a server where members can chat, study, listen to music, and even play games together! [Both] platforms are well moderated by our officers with rules and regulations in place. In hopes of spreading the word about our events, we try our best to stay active in our social media as members. Although most of our events have been virtual, we try to make each event as interactive as possible!

Q5: Are there any major upcoming events for Asian Student Union?

A5: The event will be called Asia Night, and it is open to all students in the district. By opening up the event to younger students, we hope to introduce them to variety of cultures and help them embrace cultural differences. We will have a talent show portion, country presentations, and a club fair!

Q6: What advice would you give for anyone who is considering joining Asian Student Union?

A6: Don’t be afraid to approach people. ASU is a very welcoming family who wants to get to know you and your story.