The CCA Parking Lot

Keegan Stein

“One giant leap for mankind,” Neil Armstrong announced while taking the first ever steps on the moon. I too had a similar reaction this morning while walking across the moon like surface of the CCA parking lot. For several years the parking lot infamously known for its pot holes and cracks has been crumbling into worse condition, and the big question is, “Are there plans to fix it?” A question once asked on an episode of Coffee with Cripe, we got in return we got a yes. Former Principal Cripe admitted that there were in fact plans to renovate the parking lot. However it turned out to be the wrong one. Over the previous summer, the main parking lot on Olio Road was completely fixed while leaving the good old CCA parking lot in the mess it was in. Now, as conditions worsen the question is being brought up again at HSE of weather or not the money the school makes on parking passes will actually go towards the parking lots and their conditions. Many students think that it is about time the parking lot got a makeover. It has become a tough drive for students. Between the potholes and large cracks it’s a bumpy ride coming in and out of the lot. So weather or not it will be fixed, we will have to wait and see but all student drivers want to see improvements soon. Story by Keegan Stein