Meet New HSE Art Teacher, Miss Becker

Ryan Luhmann

In a place like school where students are in a constant state of work and focus, it’s important that creative souls also have a space to express themselves. One teacher at HSE, Miss Becker, provides a great space for that. Miss Becker is a new art teacher here at HSE and teaches introductory art classes. She realized she wanted to pursue art at a very young age. She grew up in a very artistic household where she was able to create art throughout all her childhood. Her mom was a music teacher which allowed her to see firsthand, the joy in teaching something you’re passionate about. She began getting serious about her passion at age 12. In school, Miss Becker didn’t always get the best grades and often found it hard to focus in her core classes. Where she was able to feel comfortable and at home though was the art room.

Miss Becker studied art and design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and graduated in the spring of 2020. After graduating she applied to be a teacher at HSE to help students discover their artistic side. According to Miss Becker, she loves being able to watch people form connections and be able to see students get excited when making something and being able to express themselves. Although young, Miss Becker is an excellent teacher that has created a safe environment where kids can show their creative sides here at HSE.