Riley’s Newest Mission

Heidi Schlabach

Riley Dance Marathon spends all year raising money for the children and families at Riley Children’s Hospital. Every once in a while, they will assist specific children and families in raising money and awareness.

This past week, HSE Riley Dance Marathon assisted Westfield Dance Marathon in raising awareness and asking for donations for Riley Kid, Londyn. Londyn is currently 5 years old and was born with an unknown genetic condition. And unfortunately, on April 13th, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. The American Cancer Society describes Rhabdomyosarcoma as “a type of cancer that affects muscle tissue… The disease starts in the mesenchymal cells, which are cells that turn into muscle. With rhabdomyosarcoma, the cells change and grow out of control, forming one or more tumors.” Fortunately for Londyn, it was confirmed yesterday that the cancer is isolated in the orbit of her eye.

Londyn has a surgery later this week, and then begins chemo soon afterwards. Londyn is one of the sweetest and happiest kids I’ve ever met, and I know that she is going to fight through this and overcome it with plenty of sparkle.

For more information on Londyn’s story and ways to help, you can go to both @hse.rdm and @londyntime on instagram.