Vaccination Updates

Heidi Schlabach

As many people know, the covid vaccine has been open to children 16 and older in Indiana since March 17th. Since then, many HSE students have already received their vaccine. “I signed up for my vaccine at midnight the minute that it opened up to my age group,” senior Donya Zandi said. “I really just wanted to get it done for the sake of my own health, but also to do my part so that everything can go back to normal soon.” However, while a good amount of students are now eligible to get the vaccine, those under 16 are still restricted, which accounts for many of our underclassmen.

Fortunately for the HSE schools, it is reported by CNBC news and many other sources that it is expected that the FDA will soon approve the Pfizer Covid vaccine for children 12 and older. While there is no official date set yet, many sources are anticipating the approval later this week.

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