Rodgers Wants Out in Green Bay, Calls for Gutekunst’s Firing

Nathan Goergen

The 2021 NFL Draft saw its share of surprises, which isn’t uncommon nowadays. The smokescreens front offices put up to keep information about their favorite prospects are thick. However, a few hours before Trevor Lawrence was drafted first overall, a story coming out of Green Bay shook the football world and was still resonating through the draft.

Aaron Rodgers, the long-time quarterback and Super Bowl 45 champion of the Green Bay Packers, wants out of the organization.

The three-time MVP wants to leave, and he apparently prefers Denver, San Francisco, or Las Vegas to go to. After a long draft weekend that saw the Packers get several inquires about their star quarterback, Rodgers remains in Green Bay. At least, for now. This has been a long time coming, as Rodgers was apparently upset with the front office, specifically general manager Brian Gutekunst, for trading up in the first round of the 2020 draft to select Jordan Love, a quarterback who was immediately seen as Rodgers’ replacement. A-Rod of course didn’t take this too well, especially since Gutekunst and head coach Matt LeFleur hadn’t communicated well with him on their draft plans. Rodgers is apparently upset because he wants to see help on the offensive side of the ball. The Packers have spent most of their first-rounders in the Rodgers era on defensive players, and offensive talent is drafted on day 2. The team has lost 4 NFC championship games since their Super Bowl win, and Rodgers, along with most Packers fans, believe another wide receiver is the answer to get Green Bay a title once again. Green Bay has instead focused its attention on the post-Rodgers era, but focusing on the future when you are contending now isn’t always popular with the team or its fans.

Rodgers has brought his fair share of drama in Green Bay, besides the meltdown from the Jordan Love pick, Rodgers had a bad relationship with former head coach Mike McCarthy and was seen by some as a bad teammate. He has had problems in his personal life as well, with it being well known that he is estranged from his family. However, his personal life doesn’t matter when you can win games, and that’s exactly what Rodgers has done in Green Bay. He has become a Wisconsin icon, and despite his diva-like personality, he is well-loved in America’s Dairyland.

Rodgers has now told some within the organization that he doesn’t intend to return, and he openly called for the firing of Gutekunst. Gutekunst responded by saying he had never heard anything from Rodgers privately before he told his desires to the public, putting more tension on an already fragile relationship.

Maybe it’s time for a mutual parting of ways, and Green Bay is no stranger to seeing a disgruntled star quarterback leave. Rodgers was drafted as the heir apparent to Brett Favre, a three-time MVP and the champion of Super Bowl 31. Favre didn’t handle the news well, and after 16 seasons in Green and Gold (coincidentally, Rodgers has also spent 16 seasons in Green Bay), Favre retired and would return later in the year as a member of the New York Jets. Favre would continue to retire and unretire until 2010.

If Rodgers leaves, it will likely result in a strained relationship that will take some time to recover. Jordan Love will most likely assume the starting role, and although he has developed quite a bit since he was drafted, many still think it will take another few seasons for him to reach his potential. Regardless of what happens, Packers fans are preparing for the worst, as their team could be headed towards its darkest era since Mike Sherman.