DK Metcalf: The Football Player with Elite Track Speed

Davis Brown

This past weekend, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf participated in a 100-meter event at the US Olympic Qualifiers. Although he did not qualify, his 10.36 time was still very impressive. 

According to Metcalf, the day after the chase down tackle he had on Budda Baker, USA Track and Field tweeted an encouragement for NFL players to come test their speed, and Metcalf tweeted back saying, “See you there.” 

He finished 15th out of 17 running an official time of 10.36 seconds. For a 6’4” 229lbs football player to go out and record that kind of speed is still insane. A few players around the NFL had things to say about Metcalf’s performance, like Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes said on twitter, “10.36 is crazy tho at that size!! Mad respect! @dkm14”.  

If you’re a Seahawks fan, I would be very excited for the future of your receiving core, because its not every day that you see generational talent and athleticism like this.