SSN Coach Profile: David Cook, softball

Who is David Cook to the HSE Royals?

Tatum Keaffaber

David Cook has been coaching our Royals softball team since the 1988 or ’89 season.

In these years of coaching, he has done a tremendous job. Such as being state champs in 2007, state runner-up in 2010, and being put in the 2014 hall of fame, courtesy of ICGSA. His love of softball remained throughout his whole life as he grew up playing baseball.

However, there is more to softball, he says, than home runs and strategy, it is the players themselves. Cook likes to implement many lessons into the girls. Helping them prepare for the road ahead called life, as well as “being outstanding ladies on and off the field”. He preaches hard work and determination, along with respect. From respecting your elders to the very people you are up against.

One of the most touching moments Cook has experienced, he says, was the feeling of becoming state champs in the 10th inning in 2007. But, touching moments are still going on currently. Such as being able to go to the weddings of some of the girls he coached way back when; he saw them grow up, get married, and have a family.

Despite his last name, Cook is not the biggest fan of cooking he says. Rather, he spends his time checking up on sports games and getting together with friends to watch a big game.

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