SSN Coach Profile: David Young, Boys Golf

Eric Bedrosian

David Young has been teaching at HSE High School for over 15 years. Not only is he an English teacher, department chair, broadcast advisor, newsroom advisor, and husband and father to his two kids and wife, but he has also found the time to continue his passion by coaching the boys golf team. Young and his teams have done well for themselves over the years, and the success continues. Young loves to coach boys golf and having a passion for the sport helps him overall.

“The sport of golf has been a part of his recreation since high school,” said Young. “Being able to give back to the school and serve student athletes in that capacity is something I wanted to do. I wanted to get involved with kids outside the school day.”

Young believes he has a unique approach to coaching. While out on the course he encourages his team do try their best but also to have fun at the same time.

“In one word, I would hope [my coaching style] would be responsive,” said Young.  “Golf is a sport where everyone needs different parts and components in a coach, and I hope it is responsive to their needs.”

Golf has been a part of his life for as long as Young can remember. He has been swinging clubs long before he became the head coach at HSE. But even before he played golf, Young was always involved in athletics at his high school. Playing tennis and participating in cross country until his junior year of high school.

“In high school I did cross country and tennis,” said Young. “I picked up golf later in high school since I was already established in the other sports.” Golf started as a hobby then I got more into the serious side in college and started working at a golf course in the summers. I became more interested in the management side by working at the course.”

Young does not just focus on the results and outcomes of the matches. He also loves to see how his players turn out as they move onto college and begin to have their own families.

“I continue to stay connected and in contact with my former golfers,” said Young.  “I love seeing some of them on professional golf tours, creating memories with their families, and seeing how being a part of the team has made them into the people they are. I have a lot of favorite memories, but these are ones that keeping on coming back.”

Young is a Disney fanatic outside of coaching golf and teaching at HSE. He travels to Disney World numerous times a year and can be found wearing Disney- themed merchandise every day.