Don’t Escape Trilogy Walkthroughs

I don’t blame you for coming here


Andrew Carlin, HSETV Staffer

Howdy! If you haven’t read my actual review of the Don’t Escape Trilogy, then I will ask you why you clicked on this story and will gently steer you in the direction of the review I did (link in the comments below). After you finish that, come back here if you need help making progress in the games. Alright, before we get into the various walkthroughs, you need to know the basics of how to play. If you already figured this out through trial and error in-game, then you can skip this paragraph. You can see the cursor change color/shape when you can interact with something, so click on everything that has that effect to the cursor. In order to move or switch screens, click on the edge of the screen in the direction you want to move in. In order to interact with specific items, you need to click on an item in your inventory (you can find your inventory by moving your cursor to the top of the screen) and then click on the item you want to mess with (like lighting a fireplace with a tinderbox). You can also combine items in your inventory by clicking on one and then the other (like loading bullets in a gun). That’s pretty much the basics, everything else will be in the guide below.

Don’t Escape 1 Perfect Ending

  1. Go outside, pick up the axe from the stump, the logs right next to it, the mushroom against the far right wooden stake, and the chain hid under the roof.
  2. Go back inside, close the door, and take the rope off the hook on the wall
  3. Move right to the fireplace and take the glass bottle off of the table
  4. Read both notes on the same table and then click on the discolored plank on the floor in the bottom middle of the screen
  5. Open the trapdoor, collect the meat and spice, and then close the trapdoor to return to the fireplace
  6. Move right to the bed and window, collect the door key from the jacket on the wall, collect the chest key from under the bed, take the tinderbox from the 3rd drawer on the dresser, and close and latch the window
  7. Shift right to the table and hook wall, take the herb off the hook and replace it with the meat (select it from your inventory and then click on the hook)
  8. Use the axe on the table to make planks, open the chest to collect the hammer and nails, and ignore the root on the barrels (it’s a decoy for the potion puzzle)
  9. Return to the bed and window screen, and place the planks against the window and then use the hammer and nails to secure them
  10. Back to the fireplace, place the logs in the empty fireplace and light them with the tinderbox
  11. Add the herb, spice, and mushroom (DO NOT USE THE ROOT) to the pot of water and use the glass bottle to pick up the potion
  12. Move to the front door, lock the door with the silver key and push the shelf thing in front of it by clicking on the left side of it
  13. Finally, go to the table and hook wall, take the potion and dump it on the meat on the hook
  14. Take the rope and chains and click on your face in your inventory to tie yourself (there’ll be green checks to know if you done this correctly)
  15. Finally click the hourglass to end the game and enjoy perfection



Don’t Escape 2 Pacifist Perfect Run

  1. Read the monologue and move left twice to the back of the house
  2. Take the shovel and then leave the house
  3. Click on the dumpster twice to collect the key and wires
  4. Click the left side of the screen on the little overhang of wall to move to the side of the house, then take the wire cutters on the ground and the bullet out of the wall
  5. Travel to the Crash Site (bottom left ?) to pick up the gun and then click on the bottom left corner to leave
  6. Travel to the Grocery Store (upper left ?), use the wire cutters on the shopping cart, take the wire against the fence in the back, and enter the store
  7. Take the bottle of alcohol and the camera, and then look in the hole
  8. Load the bullet into the gun and shoot the zombie (this will make noise but that won’t matter), then collect the glasses for Jeremy out front
  9. Go to the Gas Station (upper right ?) and pick up the bullet on the ground in front of you along with the gas can against the windows of the gas station
  10. Enter the station and collect the water bottle, batteries, and painkillers from the medkit on the wall
  11. Leave the station and go to the Church (lower right ?), then collect the axe off the stump, and use the cart to pick up the sand and bricks from the side of the church (there’s another bullet next to one of the wood stakes in the ground, but you won’t need it)
  12. Return to the Grocery Store, load the batteries into the camera, and take the picture of the drawing on the side of the store
  13. Travel back to the Gas Station, then enter and use the axe on the locked door
  14. Collect the hose from the room (another unnecessary bullet against the leg of the chair)
  15. Return to the Church and enter it, show the priest the photo of the drawing (he’s in the lower left corner)
  16. One last trip to the Crash Site, plug the hose into the police car and siphon the gas with the gas can
  17. Use the axe on the woods in the background to obtain wooden stakes
  18. Return to Base, give the painkillers to Bill inside the house, and mix the sand, cement, and water bottle to make mortar (use the shovel to mix)
  19. With the mortar mixed, use the bricks on the window to cover it and go outside
  20. Click on the ground in front of the door with the shovel to dig a hole, and set up the wooden stakes in the hole
  21. Go to the generator and fill it with gas, then connect it to the fence with the wires
  22. Use the spool of fence in your inventory to fix the broken fence
  23. Click on the generator to turn it on, then go inside, close the door, and lock it with the key
  24. Give Bill the alcohol and then axe him a question (you can shoot him, but it will make noise)
  25. Go the back of the house, shoot the lock, open the trapdoor, climb inside, and close the door behind you
  26. Click on the hourglass and enjoy the feeling that Kevin McCallister must feel in Home Alone

Don’t Escape 3 Escape Ending

  1. Panic
  2. Click on the screen to the right of the ejection door
  3. Restore safety protocols, and then abort ejection procedure (One of the endings is just ejecting yourself, but that’s for lazy people)
  4. Click on the screen again and open the interior door
  5. Walk into the main hall of the space shuttle and pick up the data pad on the floor
  6. Check the ship’s status and note that you have 1 hour of oxygen left
  7. Move right twice to the dead welder and pick up the plasma torch
  8. Go to the Bridge (right again) and pick up the fuse on the right side of the floor
  9. Go to the far left side of the ship and plug the fuse into the fuse box in between the engineering and lab doors
  10. Enter the lab and pick up the glass flask on the table, and also take the medicine out of the medkit on the right wall
  11. Return to the dead welder and enter the Quarters
  12. Take the knife out of the crew member (he doesn’t need it), click on the machine, and get the alcohol from it
  13. Use the glass flask on the body to retrieve a blood sample
  14. Enter the bathroom and take detergent out of the locker
  15. Leave the bathroom and move right through the Quarters
  16. Pick up the plasma torch fuel tank and workshop blueprints off the floor, and then harvest a leaf from the plants in front of you
  17. Leave the Quarters and move to the Bridge door, then use the knife on the vent to retrieve the locker key
  18. Go back to the Lab and use the key to unlock the locker, then retrieve the acid and safety shades
  19. Leave the lab, combine the plasma torch with the fuel tank, and use the safety shades on yourself
  20. Interact with the Engineering door with plasma torch in hand and cut into the access panel
  21. Flip the switch and enter the Engineering room, then take the access card off the floor
  22. Go to the Escape Pod door and use the access card on the console to unlock it
  23. Interact with the Escape Pod console and select Yes to eject

Don’t Escape 3 Perfect Ending

  1. If you played through the above walkthrough, then just hit Continue from the Main Menu
  2. If you have not played through the Escape Ending, then repeat everything from the above walkthrough except for the last step
  3. Take the toolbox out of the Escape Pod and return to the airlock where you started
  4. Use the access card to retrieve the space suit and go to Engineering
  5. Put the space suit on and move through the gas to access Life Support
  6. Interact with the glowing screens on the right and activate auxiliary life support to gain 3 more hours
  7. Insert the Workshop Blueprints into the machine on the left and craft the Mark 2 Data Processor and the Portable Igniter
  8. Go to the Lab and insert all of the different materials into the chemical analyzer on the right side of the table (acid, detergent, leaves, blood, alcohol, and medicine)
  9. Click on the note in the middle of the table, and remember the formula for the crystal dissolvent
  10. The data pad has recorded the different numbers of all the materials you collected, so you just need to find the 3 part combination that equals 3 black, 2 red, and 4 blue
  11. If you couldn’t figure out the combination, it’s acid, detergent, and blood cells
  12. Take the three ingredients and insert them into the centrifugal mixer to the left of the analyzer, then click on the mixer and begin mixing
  13. Retrieve the mixture with the now empty flask and return to Life Support (remember to put your space suit on again)
  14. Dump the mixture into the white box with the pipe going through it on the right, and then activate the fire sprinklers in the Isolation Ward by clicking on the Life Support machine and going through the menus
  15. Before you leave Engineering, use your data pad and check the security cams in the room with the dead body
  16. For the 1st security cam, click twice on the gray panel to the right of the fans, then click twice on the circular vent to the left of the fans
  17. After you get your 1st number, enter the Lab and go through the purple door to your right
  18. Open the locker in the left corner and take the explosives, then look at the security cam for the room
  19. Click on the scientist in the yellow suit, then click on the crystal next to them
  20. After that, go to the hall outside Quarters and look at the security cam there
  21. Click on the welder, then the leftmost fuel tank, and then the welder again
  22. Finally, enter the Quarters and take one last look at the security cams
  23. Click on the person sitting at the table
  24. With the full code on pad, go to the locked room in the right part of Quarters and interact with the number pad to the right of the door
  25. Input the code and enter the room
  26. Click on the green light switch on the left and look at the space suit
  27. Come to the realization that you have to make sure this crystal doesn’t survive
  28. Open the far right locker and pick up the Captain’s Access Card
  29. Return to the Lab and insert the medicine, leaves, and alcohol into the mixer (there’s a formula for this on the note, but you don’t need to figure the combination since it uses the materials you haven’t used yet)
  30. Begin the mixing, then retrieve the mixture with the flask and combine it with the explosives in your inventory
  31. Combine the explosives with the portable igniter and go back into Engineering
  32. Go back to the Life Support door, but don’t enter it, instead place the explosives on the ship’s power core
  33. Move to the Bridge, and unlock the Captain’s console with his access card
  34. Deactivate the safety procedures and detonate the bomb from your data pad
  35. Know that you did your best to deal with the crystals

And that’s it for the main endings for all three games! There are some achievements for getting different endings or doing different things to get the same ending, but I’ll let you figure those out for yourself. This took a lot of time to make, but I plan to release more Drew Reviews throughout the year that cover other games. So until then, this is Andrew Carlin writing for HSENews and have a good day!