SSN: Friendship vs. Rivalry, The Inside Look

Mackenzie Dreher

As the Royals took home a huge victory at the Mudsock Football game this past week, I began to wonder about the deeper meaning of playing such a close contact sport. Most boys on the team have grown up playing football and have stayed with the same group of people their entire life. Creating relationships on and off the field. Do these relationships effect the players performance skills? Does the intense cross town rivalry spark never before seen passion?

Charlie Irish, a Senior football player here at Hamilton Southeastern High School stood face to face with his cousin during the Mudsock game. This wasn’t just a friendly backyard football game at grandmas, they were both battling to bring home their teams victory. “Its conflicting because I grew up playing with him and now I had to play against him to win for our team,” Irish stated. “I didn’t want to see him upset, but also didn’t want to see our team upset. It was such a good and fair game, both teams played great”.

The tension was high but so was the energy. The stands being filled with the majority of our community, the Royals and Tigers had the biggest feud on the line. Until next year, great job to both teams and amazing job to our Royals for taking home the victory.