Boys Tennis Season Review

Tatum Keaffaber

Though their season came to a hault after falling to #5 North Central in regionals, the HSE boys varsity tennis team had an amazing season. With a record of 14-2, they were ranked #3 in the state. They also won the HCC Championship. And in the most recent invitational, they won 1st place at the Carroll Invitational. What got them to have an amazing season, though? Brotherhood.

When going to a boy’s tennis match, the first thing you notice is how bonded they are, almost like a pack of lions. They sway back and forth feeling the power of the lion, becoming Royals. They have been successful no doubt, and Webber, their coach, always aims to keep the feeling of brotherhood going.

The first day after tryouts when everyone receives their singles number, Webber inspires the team by reading a passage from The Inner Game of Tennis, as way of disecting a theme for the season.

Charlie Orris says, “It really gets you in the mindset for the quick season. The season song helps as well when getting into that groove before everyone plays.” The season song is typically played when all the players are warming up before playing. Webber has a specific playlist for tennis and the first song is always the season song.

Paul Schneider, a varsity player says, “Sometimes I catch myself singing along and getting in the right headspace, and then I realize just how effective [Webber’s] tactics are.”

The players subcontiously connect to the song and it’s words. They also connect with each other throughout the season. The songs, the passage, and brotherhood is what got these boys to perform amazing this season.

“We’re looking forward to the next season, and plan on doing great things.”