SSN: A Happy NFL Halloween

Eric Bedrosian

Happy Halloween, Royals! It’s spooky season and we here at Southeastern Sports Network love a day filled with prime time coverage, events, and of course the costumes. Throughout the day, expect upsets, excitement, and costumes as NFL fans return to stadiums once again for one of the most exciting Sundays of the year! We know that keeping track of the plethora of action going on today can be tricky, so let’s take a look at today’s schedule and see what’s to be expected for some of these games, starting off with the 1:00 round:

  • 1:00 Carolina @ Atlanta
  • 1:00 Miami @ Buffalo
  • 1:00 San Francisco @ Chicago 
  • 1:00 Pittsburgh @ Cleveland 
  • 1:00 Tennessee @ Indianapolis 
  • 1:00 Philadelphia @ Detroit
  • 1:00 Cincinnati @ New York Jets
  • 1:00 Los Angeles @ Houston

If none of those games take your fancy, then make sure to stay around for the next round of 4:00(ish) games:

  • 4:05 New England @ Los Angeles 
  • 4:05 Jacksonville @ Seattle
  • 4:25 Washington @ Denver
  • 4:25 Tampa Bay @ New Orleans

Really? That is not enough for your liking. Okay, fine then. How about the final game starting out at 8:20:

  • 8:20 Dallas @ Minnesota

All that to say this Halloween NFL Sunday is going to be extremely spooky and exciting.

In the AFC East, the Bills are on top (4-2), followed by the Patriots (3-4), then the Jets (1-5), and finishing out with the Dolphins (1-6). In the AFC West the Raiders are bringing it home (5-2), followed by the Chargers (4-2), then the Chiefs (3-4), and finally the Broncos (3-4). In the AFC North, the Bengals are leading the pack (5-2), then the Ravens (5-2) following closely behind, continuing with the Browns (4-3), and being completed with the Steelers (3-3). Finally in the AFC South the Titans are leading (5-2), with Colts following (3-4), then with the Jaguars (1-5), and ending with the Texans (1-6).

Now onto the NFC. Out in the East, the cowboys are leading (5-1) with Washington doing not so hot (2-5) as well as the Eagles (2-5) and the Giants losing big time too (2-5). In the West, the Cardinals are on a rampage (7-1) followed closely behind with the rams (6-1) then to the not so hot 49ers (2-4) and the even more interesting Seahawks (2-5). Up North, the Packers are winning (7-1) with the Vikings not too close (3-3) then to the Bears (3-4) and yikes, the Lions at the tail end (yes pun intended) at (0-7). Last but not least, in the South the Buccaneers are (6-1) followed by the Saints (4-2) then to the Falcons (3-3) and ending off with the Panthers (3-4).

Yes, a lot is happening today. So sit back with your favorite popcorn and snacks and let’s see who comes out on top this Halloween.