Wrestling: Deshawn Ternoir Q&A

Xavier Dokes


Sophomore, Deshawn Ternoir, competed in Regionals Saturday, February 5. Let’s see how he did.

Q: How long have you been wrestling?

A: “I’ve been wrestling for 5 years, counting this one”

Q: Is this your first time going to Regionals?

A: “Yeah, it’s my first time going to Regionals. I was JV last season”

Q: What place did you get in Regionals?

A: “I got 4th in Regionals, lost a close match by 1 point in my last match”

Q: How do you usually get ready before a big tournament?

A: “I usually just joke around to calm myself down”

Q: Did your conditioning change since the school was let out?

A: “Yeah, my conditioning lowkey got worse but nothing crazy”

Q: What has been your favorite thing about this wrestling season?

A: “My favorite thing was going live at practice. Even though it’s tiring, it’s really fun. Plus we play dodgeball, that’s really fun too”