Boys Soccer Captains- Where Are They Now?

Read their words to know about their future goals and aspirations, as well as key advice if you are aiming to become captain.

In the fall of 2021, Hamilton Southeastern’s varsity boys soccer team’s season ended to an upsetting loss against Fishers at Noblesville high-school in the first round of sectionals. Devastated, the boys showed up to their locker room after the game to say goodbye to their season and seniors. Two of those seniors were captains, Charlie Woodring and Evan Dawdy. Oscar Tittle, the junior captain, had a heart-wrenching goodbye as well. Their season ended around six months ago, and I wanted to look in to where they are now and where they are headed. I interviewed them in a brief fashion with various questions, their words carrying a wise intone. Here is what they said in response:


Name four events/things that have influenced/affected your life since the end of last season.

Evan Dawdy: ‘I was offered a spot on a college team and that has always been a goal of mine to play at the next level. I have had questions about what I could have done better and that has made me work out and practice more. Getting all good grades last semester helps me stay focused and dominate on keeping my schedule [managed]. The banquet at the end of the season impacted me a lot just knowing it was my last one.’

Charlie Woodring: ‘First was getting accepted to colleges and it has shown me that it is time to make the next big step in my life. Second was finishing my first semester of senior year and how it showed me how far I’ve come since freshman year as a student and athlete. The third was the soccer banquet because it showed me that all the hard work and effort we players put in throughout the years was all for good reason. Fourth was the trip to Arizona to see the University of Arizona, because it showed me how much I have grown up, as I will be living on my own next year.’

Oscar Tittle: ‘I’m not a senior so I don’t have anything about colleges and figuring things out. But I believe finding the right state of mind has affected me tremendously. It’s helped me keep my school grades up and my homework done. It’s also helped me to train on a regular basis for club and my own benefit, as well as managing relationships with everyone.’


What do you all hope to achieve in the near future?

Evan Dawdy: ‘I hope to eventually start on my college team and help them win this season.’

Charlie Woodring: ‘One of my goals for the future is to become a doctor so I can help bring a positive change to the world. It is a long road of school and work but it’s all for good reasoning.’

Oscar Tittle: ‘I hope to achieve another club state championship and a high-school state championship.’


Evan and Charlie, where are you planning on attending school, if any? Will you play soccer in the future?

Evan Dawdy: ‘I am attending Marian University of Indianapolis. I am playing soccer there and I am studying sports management and performance.’

Charlie Woodring: ‘I will most likely be attending the University of Arizona, but I am not planning on playing college varsity sports, yet I will definitely play intramural.’


Evan and Charlie, what are you majoring in?

Evan Dawdy: ‘Sports management.’

Charlie Woodring: ‘Biochemistry and plan to become a doctor.’


Evan and Charlie, what will you miss about the boys soccer team?

Evan Dawdy: ‘I will always miss the boys, and the practices and bus rides.’

Charlie Woodring: ‘HSE boys soccer team is a family that I am definitely going to miss. Seeing the guys day in and day out just puts a smile on your face. We had such a good group of guys that made each practice or game memorable.’


Oscar, how have you been preparing for this upcoming season?

Oscar Tittle: ‘I’ve been training on a daily basis to better myself and get a state title.’


Oscar, how did Evan and Charlie inspire or affect you this past season?

Oscar Tittle: ‘They showed me how to lead; I learned by example.’


Any advice for people wanting to become one of the captains?

Evan Dawdy: ‘Do not want to be captain for the label. The team will want you as a captain if you want everyone else to get better and succeed. Being a captain for HSE is a great honor and you will be respected as much as you respect others.’

Charlie Woodring: ‘Becoming a captain is definitely something that should be taken seriously. You are being asked to lead your team on and off the field. If I could give any advice for those who are looking to become captains, it would be to prove why you should be a captain through being a hard worker and leader.’

Oscar Tittle: ‘Communication is key to a great team. For example, make sure everybody is on the same page.’


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