SSN: Boys Track – Manraj Grewal Q&A

Xavier Dokes

Manraj Grewal is a high jumper for track and is leaping into his senior year. Today I got the chance to talk to him about the new season.

Q: Now that you have a new coaching staff have there been any beneficial changes?

“I absolutely love the coaching this year from the head coach down. Yes, I definitely have seen a huge difference from last year. Last year it felt somewhat unorganized because we kept doing certain workouts that didn’t help with our events. This year we have coaches for each event which helps keep everything organized and us athletes are more focused”


Q: What are your biggest goals for this season?

“This year I want to break the school record. I believe no matter what you do you should want to be the best to ever do it. So this is my last year to get it. I also want to place in State, want to help take the team as a whole to State, and have our runners win State”

Q: How do you prepare for a track meet?

“The day before I start with a warm-up so I do just small 3 step jumps at a low height. After I’m all warmed up I take 5 jumps at any height I pick and then go take an ice bath. On the day of a meet, I eat Chick-fil-A then do normatec boots for 10-15 minutes. Then go to the meet”

Q: What’s the best you’ve done in your event?

“The best I’ve done in my event is 6’6” “

Q: What do you like to do outside of track?

“Hangout with friends and family, play video games, and go fishing”

Q: Do you plan to continue high jumping in college?

“Yes, I definitely want to compete in college”