Fake People of HSE Identity Revealed

Hannah Elkins

We all know the infamous HSE Instagram accounts ran by anonymous students here at the school. Students were making sure to correct their parking to avoid @hsebadparking, affirming themselves with affirmations posted on @hseaffirmations (who was in a New York Times Article by the way), and calling students out on their bad sleeping habits on @hsesnores. Even random accounts like @hse_fire_alarms that captures random firealarms around the school and yelling at students to slow down on @fastwalkersofhse.  

The account that’s gained the most popularity online and throughout the school has been @fakepeopleofhse. The accounts first post was October 10th of 2021, and since then has grown to gain 9,601 followers and a whopping 658.4k likes across their videos. 

“I saw a ton of college students doing the fakepeopleat(insert random college) so I wanted to participate, because I thought a lot of would enjoy watching the videos” said the creator. “I thought [the gain in popularity] was pretty cool [and] that people enjoyed the stories I made up, I was excited like most people would be.”

Owners of the account Abby Bolling and Evie Trowbridge

Like most of the HSE accounts created, the owners kept their identities a secret. Until today, March 24th, the owners decided it was time to reveal their identities. The account is run by two owners, juniors Abby Bolling and Evie Trowbridge. Abby and Evie would film random students around the school and Abby would create fake stories about them and their lives.  

When I asked if anyone figured out their identity beforehand, Bolling responded with “Three people figured it out and I don’t know how. I didn’t really do much to keep it hidden, if anything I made it easier. I liked to hide messages in videos and Instagram that revealed our names. I told probably like 25 people because I thought it was funny hearing others reactions.”

Clue posted to hint at owner Abby
Clue posted to hint at owner Evie


I asked Abby about the future of the account:

“I was having trouble thinking of storylines. I tend to make my stories very detailed and I just started to stop thinking of ideas.” said Bolling. “Plus I was bored so I just wanted to close out the account with a reveal. I don’t think I will continue posting on the Instagram or TikTok”

While we’re sad about the end of FakePeopleOfHSE, we are grateful for the laughter the owners of the account gave us. Now we can all take a breathe of relief and stop worrying about the possibility of ending up on the page.


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