Every Spring Sport at HSE and How They Work– Guide for Dummies

An understanding of sports occurs if one has played the sport earlier in their life or if one regularly watches various sports for entertainment. Let's say you have to learn the general knowledge of a sport, simply read on to know the scoring, penalties, and time intervals work.

April 26, 2022


Scoring System/Basics: It starts with nine players on the defensive and offensive team. In the first half of each inning (division of the game) the team that is up to bat tries to score runs. That is where the batter attempts to hit the ball with a bat as far as he can in order to gain time to get to first, second, third, or back to home, base. During these events, the defensive team is on the outfield trying to get the batter or previous batter out. They can do this by using the pitcher to throw the baseball with enough spin that the batter cannot return it, catching the ball in the air after it is hit, or touching one of the bases while holding the ball; before the batter can become ‘safe.’ After three outs, the defense and offense switch places.

Penalties: The balk– an error occurring when running between bases; i.e. not running a direct path. Other than that, there are no known penalties within the physical game that can cause you to be thrown out as baseball is a simple sport to understand.

Time: Time is not a contributing factor of this sport, meaning innings and halves are not on a time restraint.


The same as baseball but the ball is bigger, there are seven innings, and pitching styles are different.

Boys Volleyball (Indoor)

Scoring System/Basics: For indoor volleyball the are a total of five games played, to get a game point a team of six must receive 25 points with a two point lead, therefore the game may go over twenty-five. Each team must serve before each point so to decide who serves, they rally and who loses the rally serves first. Then the game starts and one team serves, you can only hit it a maximum of three times on your side. To lose a point there a various ways. Stepping over the line while serving, hitting ball into the net or out, and reaching under or over the net.

Penalties: Coarse language or excessive aggression.

Time: Time is not a contributing factor of this sport, meaning games are not on a time restraint.

Girls Tennis

Scoring System/Basics: Extremely similar to volleyball, girls tennis has to win by two game points, has to spin a racquet to decide who serves, and to lose a point is the same as volleyball. There are singles and doubles, and they each play the best of six games (win by two). Also, there are sets, one set contains the best of six games. Players play 2/3 sets in order to win. In singles it is 1 vs 1 and in doubles it is 2 vs 2. In doubles there is a net player and a base-line player and they have the ‘doubles alley’ (an extension of the court singles doesn’t have). Scoring works like this: if you win a rally it is 15 points, you’d announce this as 15-0 or 15-love. Then the following points goes 30, 40, and that is the game.

Penalties: Coarse language or excessive aggression.

Time: Time is not a contributing factor of this sport, meaning games are not on a time restraint.

Girls/Boys Lacrosse

Scoring System/Basics: Extremely similar to soccer, yet in the air and with sticks. They start in the center and try to score in the opposite goal. To score they have to get the ball in the goal and they can run behind the goal as well, contrary to soccer. Women’s have a no-contact rule and wear a face guard. Men’s allow contact and are extremely physical to say the least.

Penalties: Cradling the ball directly against the head or hunching over to protect the ball from being taken.

Time: Divided into two 30min halves and each team can get two 90sec time outs.

Girls/Boys Track

Scoring System/Basics: Scoring is solely based on placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd…etc).

Penalties: Dropping the baton, going into other lane, running past the board in long jump, and hitting the high-jump bar or pole-vault bar,

Time: Whoever has the fastest time wins.

Boys Golf

Scoring System/Basics: Scoring is based on the minimum number of strokes taken to get the ball in the hole. They use various clubs which would be best for what they are aiming to achieve.

Penalties: Coarse language or excessive aggression, dropping the club, chipping the grass, hitting into the water/environmental areas (outside of the course), and slow play.

Time: There is a penalty for playing too slow for the pace of play. Nine holes should take two hours and eighteen hole should take five hours.

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