SSN: Being an Athlete During Finals

Photo of Ty Bradle by Angie Strawmyer

With a full lineup of games the week of May 16th through May 20th (Finals Week), how do athletes juggle hours of studying along with hours of after school practice and games? Junior baseball player, Ty Bradle says, “Being an athlete during finals is a grind. You have practice everyday of the week and when you don’t have practice you have games. On top of all that you have to find time to study for all of your exams”. During the last week of school, the Royals Varsity Baseball team has 3 games, 2 at home and 1 away. “It’s challenging but also fun because you get to play the sport you love doing”.

Photo of Sam Borgert by Hannah Elkins

Senior lacrosse player, Sam Borgert says, “[Being an athlete during finals week] is stressful. It’s definitely challenging, balancing practice, games, and school”. The Royals Girls Varsity Lacrosse team has a game the weekend before finals start, which is also in between AP Exam Week. “I think practice is a good place to decompress from the stress of finals and it gives you a nice break in your evening so you don’t get entirely overwhelmed”. Athletes already have had to learn how to balance school, sport, and home life, so finals is just another obstacle to help them grow in the responsibility and control it takes to become a student athlete.


Follow this link for a full schedule of all the sports happening during finals.