Post NFL Draft: The Unexpected First Round

Izzy Kistler, Newsroom & SSN

One thing to start off with is, anything can happen within the NFL. The majority of projections, simulations, and mock drafts that all of the analysts did, were to say the least, wrong. A ta

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keaway from the public is that NFL teams saw things much differently than the media and fans.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft out of Las Vegas, NV. The Jaguars general manager and coaching staff selected defensive end, Travon Walker, out of the University of Georgia. The media had it out to be that they would take Aiden Hutchinson out of Michigan first, however, that was not the case. With the second pick overall, the Detroit Lions selected defensive end, Aiden Hutchinson.

The 2022 draft class had depth, and not necessarily full of superstars. Not a single running back or tight end got drafted in the first round, which makes that the first time those positions were not taken in the first round. This draft was the second time in the past 20 years that only one quarterback was taken in the first round. Kenny Pickett was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers at 20th overall. Not a single offensive player was selected in the top five picks, which is the second time in NFL history that this has ever happened.

In the first round, there were a total of six wide receivers selected, and all six were selected within the top 20, which made history because that has never happened in the draft.

The University of Georgia’s defense steals the show in the first round as five defensive players from UGA got drafted in the first round. Two of the five, Quay Walker (22nd overall) and Devonte Wyatt (28th overall), went to the Green Bay Packers. Travon Walker (first overall), Jordan Davis (13th overall), and Lewis Cine (32nd overall) also got picked in the first round from UGA.