What to Expect from SSN Next Year

Josie Neu

This school year, our team here at Southeastern Sports Network has been growing, learning new techniques, and creating new ideas to give you, our followers, the most information (+entertainment) possible. With the beginning of Digital Media, a semester long class that teaches you the basics of broadcasting and is a gateway to HSE News or SSN, we gained new minds and new ideas. We want to be your number 1 source of HSE Athletics information and news, while also letting you interact with us and support your athlete friends!

Photo Credit @owhitephotos

During fall and winter sports, we posted several photo galleries on our Instagram, with the help of @owhitephotos. These galleries were incredibly popular and we plan on continuing this trend of showcasing our amazing players, as well as Olivia’s, and others, photographic talents.

When spring sports rolled around, our team had the idea of curating sport announcements using popular ‘memes’ at the time. These included Ye’s notebook, Drake’s Hotline Bling music video, and our favorite, the New York Times Wordle! These ‘memes’ allowed us to break from the typical professional posts our followers were used to, and instead gave our followers the opportunity to laugh at and repost images that curate to high schoolers interests and current events.

Starting near the end of April, we began SSN Athlete of the Week. This allowed our followers to nominate their favorite athlete for  a chance to win. We separated the voting into 2 parts; a question poll where you can type in an athletes name and a poll of the top 4 names that were nominated. We plan on continuing this next year, with the change that the voting would occur monthly rather than weekly. This allows for us to have the time to create a special news story for the athlete, that we will post right here on hsenews.com, as well as other special gifts that will be announced later.

Over the last semester, our SSN Instagram has gained over 200 followers, a record for this platform. We would like to thank all of the parents, students, coaches, and fans that interact with and repost our content. We work every week to come up with fresh ideas and content for our followers and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. Stay tuned for what new things next year will have in store!

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Story by Josie Neu