August Athlete of the Month: Peyton Daniels

Peyton Daniels, a key part of HSE’s football team, wins Athlete of the Month through students voting.


Senior, Peyton Daniels, the starting defensive back for the HSE Football team has received the title Athlete of the Month for the month of August. According to his teammates and the students of HSE, he is incredibly deserving of this title.

Daniels has played football since second grade, and has been on varsity since junior year.

“Peyton is a great leader, and is always trying to encourage and motivate us during practice,” said Joe Karwowski, a wide receiver and close teammate of Daniels. ‘PD’, Daniels’ nickname, was given to him by his teammates and has spread throughout the school. A student, heard at the mudsock game, was reported saying, “what would we do without PD?” This shows his close connection with the school and his importance to the team; showcasing why he was chosen Athlete of the Month by the students of HSE.

For the past 2 years, Daniels has lead the Royals to outstanding victories. With two interceptions against Fishers last season and numerous tackles, Daniels is a prominent leader and wears the number 1 with pride. In his career, he racked up roughly 3 interceptions, 2.9-3.2 tackles per game, and 45 tackles total. He is quoted saying, “I’ve worked for years to find success in football, thanks to my coaches and teammates support.”

When asked about his favorite moment of his high school football career, he struggled to name just one.

After some thought he said, “Winning Mudsock and the sectional game against Fishers last year was a great moment because it was something we couldn’t do the year before.”

Peyton Daniels was chosen through a democratic voting process taken place on the Southeastern Sports Network’s Instagram. Be sure to stay tuned for the next round of voting to be featured on our Instagram and website.