Silas Newton Making Huge Impact As A Junior

Dominic Sicilia

Silas Newton is a Junior consistently starting varsity for the first time in his career, he got his first varsity reps last season mainly as a kick returner. But this season he has been a consistent starter and has made a big impact. He made a huge touchdown catch to help the Royals win the Mudsock rivalry, Newton Said, “I wasn’t really thinking in the moment, I beat the defensive back off the line and just kept running because I knew Ty would throw a dot. We do it every day in practice, so it was nothing new. After I scored, I was hyped for us as a team because I knew we had this game in the bag. I feel like it gave our team a lot of energy going into the half.” Be sure to follow Silas for the rest of the season by either going to the games or stream it on