September Athlete of the Month: Oscar Tittle

Oscar Tittle, a prominent figure on HSE’s soccer team, wins Athlete of Month for October.


Senior midfielder on our boys Varsity Soccer team, Oscar Tittle, has received the title Athlete of the Month for September. He is team captain and has been a key figure in some of the Royal’s most important games such as versus Noblesville and Carmel.

According to his teammate, Grady Garrard, “Oscar plays a great role in leading our team and keeping our heads up when things don’t go our way.”

Tittle has been playing soccer since he was just 5 years old, and he hopes to continue his soccer career at the collegiate level. He has been on the Varsity Soccer team since sophomore year, and has been a team captain since his junior season.


Being a key figure on the team, his teammates have an increasing respect for him. As captain, they say he brings leadership and discipline to the team–keeping them in-check and holding them accountable. “We can always count on Oscar to keep us going and work hard on the field,” he teammates said.

Holding up to his reputation, Tittle has racked-up 6 goals and 8 assists for an average of .8 goals and 1 assists per game. Because of this, the Indy Star noted him as a “Name to Know” for this past sectional tournament.

As a senior looking back on his high school career, Tittle says his favorite memory from high school soccer was, “When we [beat] Noblesville when they were first in the nation my sophomore year.”

Oscar Tittle was chosen through a democratic voting process taken place on the Southeastern Sports Network’s Instagram. Be sure to stay tuned for the next round of voting to be featured on our Instagram story.

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