Redemption Arc

Hamilton Southeastern hockey team journey to state.

Grace Duffy

Walked inside the rink, felt the cold hit the noise and the swish of different skates on the ice. Skating from one side to the other repeatedly. Blared music in the locker room to get hyped up for the game they’re about to play. Made sure that they are in the right mental space before the game because it can make or break the game.

This provides us how not only do you have to prepare physically but also mentally.

Senior, Hudson Reeve, a player on the team talks about how to prepare mentally “Our coach prepares us to be mentally and physically ready during practice,” Reeve said. “Because he knows we are a very skilled squad and that we are stronger than any team we come across if we put our minds to it.”

From being ranked number one last year to having a heart-breaking loss against Cathedral at state. Hamilton  The hockey team is in their redemption arc. Battling a tough lost last year, they have a lot to prove not only for the community but mostly for themselves.

Reeve talked about the lost at state and how the team had used that for motivation this year,

“We have all been using that as motivation as a few of the players from that season are back for their senior year,” Reeve said.“We think they deserve a state title, and we would like them to see one.” After talking to a crucial player on the team, it is evident that the training and hard-work will continue to pay off. From vigorous training both physically and mentally, the hockey team is ready for this next journey to state and to prove once again not to underestimate the team.