Practicing Towards The End Goal

The goals of the HSE boys swim team and what they predict might happen this season.

Grace Duffy

Waking up at the crack of dawn for practice, getting your bathing suit on and feeling the cold water hit your body. That’s how the day starts throughout a swimmer’s high school career. Summer, fall, winter, spring, throughout the entire year swimmers must practice. Consistency is key when it comes to swimming.

Vigorous training throughout practices, to create muscle memory and self-correction. Sophomore Caleb Green talks about how you must love the sport to be a part of a team, “I look forward to meet new swimmers this season” Caleb said. “Improve on technicalities of my swimming.”

Caleb providing meaningful information, this helps us understand that… Not only must you put in time and effort this season, but also the impact of starting new and important relationships with the most recent swimmers coming in and making them feel comfortable is not only important but fundamental.

Swimming is known more as an individual sport, competing by yourself but being ambitious for your team. Having personal goals and your teammates helping you succeed them, saying constructive criticism and a reason why you want to go to practice every day. Caleb Green talks about his goals for his team, “I hope we all meet our personal goals and make it to state this year.” This not only implies how much James wants to meet his personal goals but also how much he wants his teammates too.

Swimming is a challenging sport and a lot of the time overlooked. It requires practicing every day and keeping a necessary consistency. Though a love for the sport is crucial and what keeps you going, but most the most important thing is a support system as a team.