Transition from Swimming to Rowing: Ava Olson

How a senior at Hamilton Southeastern decided to begin her rowing career at Indiana University.

Emma Bieberich

Ava Olson, a senior and successful swimmer at Hamilton Southeastern, has set high standards for the incoming classes. Olson started swimming for HSE her freshman year, competing competitively in the 500 free and 100 fly events. She has also dueled against many tough opponents across the state, allowing her to receive excellent offers from various colleges for her skill. Olson not only excels in swimming but continues to explore other sports at the college level as well, like rowing.

Rowing is not a sport that is common within many high schools in the United States. However, many swimmers try out this action-packed sport at the collegiate level. It is evident that the transition between rowing and swimming is not out of the ordinary for many swimmers across the country, despite it not being a well-recognized sport.

“I really got into [rowing] when I learned my former teammate on the swim team, who now rows at IU, told me about her amazing experience as a rower,” Olson said.

It is evident that Olson was greatly impacted by her teammates, pushing her to search for other opportunities similar to swimming.

After completing her varsity swimming career in high school, Olson decided to further her successful career at Indiana University Bloomington. The transition between swimming and rowing is one that will create many opportunities for other swimmers including Olson.

“Rowing gives me the opportunity to continue to compete and be a part of a true team sport,” Olson said. “I learned from my past teammates and coaches that many colleges recruit athletes from various sports that are tall and fit.”

This is a huge opportunity for Olson, allowing her to compete on a competitive team and perform within the Big Ten as a Freshman.

Olson is a well-rounded athlete and will continue her career at Indiana University with the overwhelming support of her friends, family, teammates, and coaches. Olson decided to take this opportunity, as it offers the competition she loves and the community that she desires. From swimming to rowing, Olsen is definitely an outstanding athlete that will flourish when continuing her academic and athletic career at the college level.

Story by Emma Bieberich