The Veil on Valentine’s

Opinions on the Significance of Valentine’s Day

Caio Menegardo, Staffer

          Valentine’s Day is not considered a national holiday, but a lot of people still celebrate it by exchanging gifts with their friends, spending time with their significant other or eating chocolate alone. However, the people who do not care and do not celebrate it have a very valid question: Is Valentine’s Day really that big of a deal? 

          There is a very common belief that all people who are in relationships look forward to and celebrate Valentine’s Day, but according to a survey taken by 60 HSE students on the HSENews Instagram, that is not as true as it is believed to be. Half of the students who took the survey answered that Valentine’s Day is not a date that holds any significance to them. Out of the 30 students that do not look forward to or celebrate Valentine’s Day, six of them stated that they are currently in a relationship.  

          Our questionnaire also shows that the majority of HSE students surveyed do not have a significant other to spend time with this Valentine’s Day. When asked if they were in relationships, about 73% of students stated they were single.  

          Taking into consideration survey answers from HSE students and other studies, no solid answer can be found on whether Valentine’s Day is significant, as it varies from person to person. There are many different people with different opinions, and while one of them might hate Valentine’s Day and become irritated at the mere thought of it, it might be another’s favorite day and something they look forward to every year. The answer to whether Valentine’s Day matters is truly relative and will always vary depending on who is being asked.