“A Jack of All Trades”

The final seconds begin to dwindle down. The clear winner of the match has his opponent pinned, while showcasing a sly grin on his face. He knows he has just won the match and cemented his way to the state tournament. Minutes later, Dominic Burgett’s arm is being lifted into the air, as the crowd begins to cheer and rejoice.

The thrill of victory in a wrestling match is unlike any other. Wrestling is a sport that demands both physical and mental toughness. Winning a wrestling match takes dedication, perseverance, and lots of skill.

“When you put hours upon hours of hard work and training into a sport you care so much about, it is an indescribable feeling to know that all of that work has paid off and I am on my way to state”

Hamilton Southeastern is home to many high level and well accomplished wrestlers, with Dominic Burgett being the face of the squad. Senior and star varsity wrestler, Dominic Burgett, is a jack of all trades. He is a dual sport athlete, as he played varsity football in the Fall, and then successfully made it to state for wrestling in the Winter.

“It was hard to not let pressure and expectations get to me throughout the season. I just kept grinding and stayed with it.”

Although he fell short of becoming a state champion, from the beginning of the season, he knew he would get to state because of the dedication and work he put in throughout his high school career. Dominic Burgett is an essential piece to the varsity wrestling group, and the sky is the limit for the rest of his wrestling career.