Athlete of the Week: Mattingly Upchurch

Mattingly Upchurch, Hamilton Southeastern Golfer, wins Athlete of the Week

Emma Bieberich

Mattingly Upchurch, a freshman standout golfer at Hamilton Southeastern is a great attribute to his team. Despite his young age, Upchurch has already made a name for himself on the golf course, thanks to his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. He quickly fell in love with the sport and began practicing regularly in order to achieve the success that he has gained this year.

Since then, Upchurch has continued to dominate on the golf course. He has won many impressive awards during his career as well, including the 2020 Golf Week Junior Tour Open, where he won first place among many other talented athletes. During his first year at Hamilton Southeastern however, he has already become one of the top players on the team. His teammates and coaches are impressed not only by his talent but also by his strong work ethic and positive attitude.

“We are working every day to try and win a state championship” -Mattingly Upchurch

Off the course, Upchurch is equally impressive. He not only is a talented golfer, but also places emphasis on the relationships he builds both on and off the course. Doing team bonding events and spending time with his teammates off the course is beneficial for the success of the team as a whole. Because of the extensive hours spent working on his technique, as well as the positive team environment, the boy’s golf team will go far in the state tournament and hopefully win a title for Hamilton Southeastern.

With his impressive skills and drive to succeed, there’s no doubt that Upchurch has a bright future ahead of him in the world of golf. For now, he will focus on the success of his team for the rest of this season, as well as continuing to improve his game. Be sure to keep an eye out for this talented young athlete as he continues to make his mark on the course.

Upchurch’s win is a direct result of the democratic voting process taken on Southeastern Sports Network’s Instagram page where the students of HSE vote on who should win. Stay tuned for next week!